Wednesday, March 17, 2010

no worries

We're here and having a wonderful time - the internet connection is dicier than last year, so it's really hard to get (and stay) online. There are significantly fewer tourists here than last year, although Luna Beach Resort is full. The national police drive around, and we hear that they're "cracking down" at night, though we don't know exactly what they're cracking down on. Or who they're cracking down on.

But we don't really feel any trouble, at all. We're loving eating at the Lobster Pot, like last year, and we've gone out snorkeling once so far. We had a couple of sunny days, a bunch overcast, right now it's spitting and spotting just a bit of rain. I hope it comes a cloudburst, and clears up in the afternoon.

Otherwise, lazy island life. And it's really really good. Do I miss Manhattan? NO NOT A TINY LITTLE BIT.

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