Sunday, February 21, 2010

going back!

We had such a good time last year - see all the posts below - that we're going back, March 13-20. This time, though, we're taking the direct flight from Newark right onto the island. None of that leaving at 3am, flying here and waiting for hours, then flying there and waiting for hours, only to finally arrive on Roatan. Not this time, not for us.

We'll be staying at Luna Beach Resort again; we enjoyed it so much last year! This time we're taking the cabin right next door to the one we had. That way no one has to be walking right in front of our windows. Instead, we'll be the ones walking in front of others' windows. Much mo' bettah.

So just a couple more weeks.....can't wait can't wait can't wait.

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With Great Enthusiasm and Concern said...

starting to worry about you! i hope you're having a blast with no internet connection, and that's all. i love you.