Saturday, March 7, 2009


Our flights are set! It's time for our annual one-week spring vacation. Last spring we went to the Yucatan - near Mahahual, to be precise, which is near Belize. Honduras is on the other end of Belize, but we're actually headed to an island off the coast of Honduras, called Roatan.

A couple of things to note about our itinerary: 1) we leave at 3:45 am from JFK, 2) we have a 4-hour layover in San Pedro, before flying to La Ceiba on the coast, and then what's not visible from the itinerary below is that 3) we have a 6-hour layover in La Ceiba before our 15-minute flight out to the island. Ah well. It's vacation!

We're taking SOSA Airlines - a little puddle-jumper -
from La Ceiba over to the island of Roatan (P4 054 LCE-ROA MARCH 20, 3:30P.M):

Coming home - another very long layover in San Pedro. What to do.
Roatan to LaCeiba, P4 051 ROA-LEC MARCH 27,11:40A.M, then:

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