Saturday, March 14, 2009


We'll be staying at a small resort near West End, called Luna Beach Resort. One of the great things about Roatan is the living reef, which is apparently the 2nd best reef in the world. We don't dive, but we do snorkel, so that will be fun. Luna Beach is right on the beach, and the place looks like a collection of treehouses:

the view from [our?] bedroom deck:

Are we excited? YES - you can tell by the fact that the suitcases are already in the living room, and all the suntan lotions and heavy-duty mosquito repellents are lined up ready to pack. Did I mention the place is renowned for its mosquitos? Hence the url for this blog, mosquitobeach.

Lots of good restaurants just a short walk down the beach - I want to head to Lobster Pot for some coconut bread french toast.

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