Monday, March 23, 2009

lotsa nature

Yesterday it rained much of the day - lots of rain dripping off the trees, splashing on the sand, speckling the water. We spent a good bit of time on the porch watching and listening:

The sun came out this morning and Marc saw this slight rainbow:

I poked around and ate breakfast while Marc swam and snorkeled for awhile, and then we took a walk. The owner of this resort built a new road that comes directly to the hotel. It's a big deal; you can see it on Google maps, and the taxi driver talked about it, too.

Here's the road we walked on:

It's really beautiful, and the jungle on either side is primeval and wonderful:

Lots of interesting trees and plants

want a banana?

The most beautiful little butterflies, with red and black wings; they never land long enough to get a good picture, but Marc got this one:

And this strange blue-headed lizard. Really, its head is blue and its body is brilliant green:

When we circled back to the hotel, we stopped at the big cage of brilliant red macaws by the front of the hotel:

Tonight I think we're going back to Lobster Pot for dinner. It's hard to stay away, the food is so good and the service is so sweet. We went back to Mavis and Dixie's for dinner last night, and believe we saw Dixie. We suspect the reason our waiter was sullen at breakfast was due to Dixie's stern hand. We just made that up, but it made us laugh.

Lots of sun today, lots of suntan lotion, lots of paddling around in the water and lots of doing not much. Vacation.

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